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An excellent personal statement is a key factor to securing an interview/spot at your preferred university. Are you are looking for someone to thoroughly review your personal statement? I would love to help!

In case you are curious to know more about me, here is my background in terms of personal statement reviews.

I am a University of Nottingham Pharmacy Graduate and through my experience working for Tutorful with a range of students and as an interviewee assistant for Pharmacy school interviews, I have gained a great insight into what makes a good university candidate.

Alongside my passion for storytelling and empowering students to make the most of their university degree (upon receiving the Student of the Year Royal Pharmaceutical 2020 Award at my university) I opened an official avenue to get your personal statement unlevelled and polished.

To start your reviewing process, simply follow the instructions on the downloadable PDF document after paying.

Expect an email with feedback within 48-72 hours.

I look forward to receiving your personal statement!


2 reviews for Personal Statement Reviewing

  1. UK Pharmacy Student

    I want to thank Jane so much for taking her time to look through my personal statement for pharmacy despite being such a busy final year student!! I can tell she put in so much effort! What inspires me the most is Jane’s PASSION for pharmacy-honestly motivates me SO.MUCH to keep going for what I want to achieve! Thank you again!!

  2. Bio-med student (verified owner)

    Amazingly detailed review, with lots of great tips. Highly recommended as there was clearly a lot of effort put into it! I’m so glad this service is available, I’ve definitely benefited from it! Thanks Jane, for everything you do.

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