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Haale Norasteh



Haale is a 3rd year Pharmacy student (as of 2020) based in Iran.

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Instagram: @haale_nr

Twitter: @haale_nr

LinkedIn: Fatemeh Norasteh

Favourite quote: I have 2 favorites!

  1. Just do it! –Nike
  2. “Relentlessly prioritize. Think of the things that have to be done today—then get comfortable with incompletions.” –Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of thrive global


I opened my eyes and I was in a new city, far from my home town, in the middle of a new social group with a very different culture and a whole new life! That was when I realized my journey as a pharmacy student has begun.

But not long before that, I was supposed to apply for universities. At that time, I had a pretty rough struggle choosing between being a doctor or a pharmacist. I was so confused and didn’t know which one to choose. It felt like I was in love with both of them. To end this doubtfulness, I started moving around finding people in both fields trying to get an idea of what each major represented. During this journey as I moved forward I saw how vast pharmacy can be. I found out that as a pharmacist there is a greater chance to be more active in various multidisciplinary tasks. There are very different yet great chances for each person with their own unique passion. The world of pharmacy accepts all as they are. It welcomes you and gives you the opportunity to be whatever and whoever you want. That was, and is, the most beautiful thing about pharmacy for me.

Any pharmacy student knows that studying this major is not easy! I was no exception. After choosing pharmacy and getting accepted into my university I had to move. Therefore, I had to face some new challenges alongside the complications of being a pharmacy student itself. But being a pharmacy student actually helped me overcome some obstacles in life. It has taught me to always be looking for another angle or a different point of view. Pharmacy also allowed me to explore different jobs, each somehow related to my main field.

It’s definitely not fair to say that I love everything about pharmacy. In fact, it makes me crazy sometimes!! But I guess dealing with big confusing structures in medicinal chemistry or various mechanisms in pharmacology kind of has that effect on all pharmacy students. So I not only have accepted it, but also learned to enjoy it.

This was a quick summary about my journey as a pharmacy student. I hope you enjoyed it. Also thanks to my good friend, Jane, who made this great community. I can’t wait to read your stories. I’m sending lots of love to all you hard working pharmacy students out there. 😉

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