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At times what we need is someone to uplift us and help us navigate through things. Someone who has been through what we are going through. Someone who is willing to support us to unleash our inner gifts to better our personal development.

What if you could have a session that can help provide key information on standing out as a healthcare student?

What if you could receive guidance to help curate a resume which reflects your best self,  AND receive advice of ways to secure new opportunities tailored to your inner healthcare passions? 

As I have gotten older, being an encourager, mentor and coach have increasingly become big passions of mine. I am so grateful to have found an outlet to exercise these passions.

But, it was not until I began receiving a wide array of messages on social media that I realized the need for this- a pharmacy student consulting service.

I strive to go beyond a detailed DM or voicemail message response, but a dedicated video call session for us to dig deep. This being an opportunity for me to serve you as best I can to help unleash your inner potential!

I believe in you can and cannot wait to see you flourish!

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