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Welcome, friend! I'm truly happy you're here!

I'm Jane!

I'm Jane!

2020 University of Nottingham Pharmacy graduate &  I'm currently undergoing my hospital based training year to become a pharmacist in the UK. 

PharmlifeWithJane is platform through which I document my pharmacy journey, promote international connections and empower students to make the most of their university experiences.

I am greatly touched and humbled to have recieved the 2020 Royal Pharmaceutical Society Award from my univeristy. I hope to use it as encouragement of what any other student can also achieve if they're proactive and believe in themselves.

My vision and prayer for my blog is that you would feel uplifted and empowered to believe in yourself, and unleach your inner gifts as we collectively strive to beautify our world.

We all have abounding purpose. 

my passions

Pharmacy, Mental Health, Humatarian Pharmacy Work, Blogging, Coaching, Mentoring & Travelling


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latest feature

I’m grateful to have had my blogging story shared by UNTOLD WOMEN. Read more about it here!

In honour of world pharmacists day 2020

I put together an international video featuring amazing pharmacy students and pharmacists from over 10 different countries: Ghana, Serbia, Philippines, Namibia, Belgium, Kenya, India, Australia, several states in the US, England, Canada and the Bahamas!

 I’m thankful they all agreed to take part- I had so much fun putting it together.

Watch the video to find out more about them, and what they love about pharmacy!

We all have purpose

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